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Join us once a month for our evening lecture series and find out what’s new in marine science from the experts! Free to members, regular admission rates apply. Lectures begin at 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)

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Certainly some plants and fungi in the Salish Sea Bioregion compete for limited resources such as moisture, nutrients and light. But cooperation, not competition, is critical for the survival and success of many of our terrestrial lichens, plants and fungi. See how these organisms work together cooperatively in our Biogregion.

Andy MacKinnon is a forest ecologist. For three decades, he worked for the BC Forest Service where he was responsible for ecosystem classification and mapping and a program of forest ecology research focused on old growth structure and composition, effects of climate change, and BC’s native plants and fungi. Andy is co-author of six best-selling books about plants of western North America. He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree by Simon Fraser University in 2013.

December Date TBD: Dr. Maia Hoeberechts, Ocean Networks Canada: Where high-tech meets the deep sea

Cabled ocean observatories permit us to extend our senses beneath the waves to make new discoveries with data collected by scientific instruments from the coast to the abyss. Despite covering more than 70% of the planet and having some of the world's tallest mountains and deepest valleys, the ocean is largely unexplored and still holds many secrets to fully understanding our planet. How can we measure the changing thickness and extent of sea-ice in the Arctic? How do scientists quantify emissions from hydrothermal vents at the mid-ocean ridge? What allows us to deploy these sensors in the extreme environment of the deep ocean? Technology allows for exploration and  aids in answering these questions.

Dr. Maia Hoeberechts started her early career dreaming about robots, playing with a soldering iron, and programming games on her first computer. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Western University and is the Associate Director, User Services at Ocean Networks Canada. Together with her team, she works to make  big data from the ocean accessible to scientists, educators, and community members around the world.

January 11, 2018: Dr. Darcy Mathews (University of Victoria)

February Date TBD: Megan Adams (University of Victoria)

March 12, 2017: Kristen Miskelly (Saanich Native Plants)

April Date TBD: Christina Service (University of Victoria)